Have Democrats Abandoned Mental Health Awareness and Progress In the Name of Gun Control?

The past three notable shooters (yes, there are three) have all been treated, or attempts were made to get treatment, for mental health issues.  Somewhere along the line, major signs […]

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Raising the Age Limit Wouldn’t Have Stopped the California Shooter

Today, a 36 year old veteran suffering from PTSD took the lives of 3 people in El Monte, CA. These three women once tried to help him. Raising the age on gun purchases would not have prevented him from getting a gun. We need different solutions and banning guns for all is not it.

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Once Upon A Time America Was the Most Trusted Data Storage Nation

Once upon a time, there was this country called America. It was a country of great innovation. Along with this great innovation, it was a country that cherished privacy of all citizens and companies. As technology advanced, and machine computing paved the way, this amazing country ensured the data coming out of the new machines was secure, not only government data, but also the data of the citizens.

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