My Take on the Corey Lewandowski Assault Video

I’ll be honest, Mr. Congeniality is not what comes to mind when I think of Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewindowski.  He’s rude, arrogant, and comes across as someone who is completely enamored with Trump to the point he feeds Trump exactly what Trump wants to hear, not what he needs to hear.   Because Trump has been controversial and Lewindowski comes off as a prick, it’s no surprise that there are so many pundits and media outlets who jumped on the assault charges that have been brought against Lewindowski.

Like a wild pack of dogs with a bone they’re not quite ready to let it go.

Because I’m a stickler for those things called FACTS, I wanted to see the unedited video which is damn near impossible to find.  Most videos that have been promoted start with Lewindowski grabbing the woman’s arm; the ‘editors’ then highlight the moment the arm is grabbed while shadowing the background images.  It’s a clear attempt to force the viewer to see only what the narrative is driving and get them to forget about thinking about the events leading up to the arm grab.

I finally found such a clip (found later in this post).  Though edited at the front, it did provide greater clarity to the events leading up to the famed arm grab.  At the one second mark in the clip, it is clear that the secret service person is standing immediately behind the reporter, Michelle Fields.  A second later, I can see the reporter in question, Michelle Fields, reach toward Donald Trump from the right.  Trump then reached into the left inside pocket of his suit jacket.

At the six second mark, I saw the secret service person reach for Fields, he clearly had the situation under control.  For some reason, little Corey (he’s short) took it upon himself to get between the secret service person and the reporter, grabbed Field’s arm and pulled her away from Trump.   The remainder of the clip shows Trump walking out and Fields standing and looking around as Trump’s team followed him out of the event.

What no one pays attention to is the scene at the left.  In the footage, you can clearly see the seating for the attendee’s ends and the press pool begins.  The press pool consists of the tables behind the general seating with all of the lap tops open, screens unlocked, and no one watching out for theft.  From an information security practice, this should be a major concern to the companies employing the reporters.

Apparently, it’s not.

And I digress.

From what I can see, Lewindownski may have step of his bounds as a campaign manager and should have let security manage the situation.  At the same time, Fields clearly took advantage of the simple fact that the Trump campaign went out of their way to show trust to the press by having limited security where the general audience ended and the press pool began.  Given the threats against Trump, this is a critical security risk.  Yet, a risk the Trump campaign was willing to take the risk to demonstrate that they trusted the media to do the right thing and behave professionally. 

Here’s the controversial video:

… It would be interesting to know if Fields was seated at the end of one of the press pool tables ….

Instead, Fields took advantage of the lack of security for the press pool and pushed her way toward Trump.  Had she been a seasoned reporter, she would have known the risk she was taking when such heavy security was in place.  Instead, she’s calling foul and has now pressed charges.

In other words, she’s pulled a dumb move and turned it into a dumber move.

Now that Fields’ violated this trust and exposed the security vulnerability, Trump’s security team may have no choice but to heighten the level of security around the press pool.  It’s definitely not what I would like to see happen with any campaign.  At the same time, I would completely understand why – should it come into fruition.

As for those calling for Lewindowski’s termination – knock it off.  Clearly your calls are politically motivated and fueled with emotion.   The vast majority of you have spent your lives in politics or punditry and haven’t a clue how things like this are managed in the business world.  I never expected Trump to flat out fire Lewindowski – this isn’t that ‘egregious’.

In fact, your calls are taking away from a far more serious issue that the left has buried by using Trump’s notoriety as cover.  The simple fact that no one from the right has leveraged it clearly demonstrates the incompetence of right leaning reporters and pundits like Michelle Fields.  Face it, for them, it’s all about the #NeverTrump narrative.

If the right can’t figure this out, I’m not going to offer it up as it violates one of my core principles – if I have to do YOUR job, I want you the hell out of MY way and I get YOUR pay.

I’m not a nonprofit.

I digressed.

I fully anticipated a change in the way Trump events were managed and Lewindowski’s role in this area getting somewhat diminished.  Based on reports in the current press cycle, this is happening as I type.

Trump is taking the correct steps and Fields should drop the charges.  Unfortunately, she won’t because, like so many who have fallen before her (Erick Ericson comes to mind) Trump has brought her out of the obscure confinement of the little Brietbart pond of group thinkers and into the massive ocean deemed the national spot light.  She’s going hold on to this 15 minutes for as long as possible – no matter the cost.


I definitely don’t agree with Trump’s approach thus far.  At the same time, I do appreciate the fact that his mere presence has exposed the hypocritical trouble makers in the GOP that have cost us the past two presidential elections.

Finally, for those who have rolled their eyes as they read this post, I ask you to consider this – while the pundits and politico’s completely missed the mark this entire season, I’ve been 99% on the money when it comes to the outcomes.

Talk about things that should make you go hmmm…


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