Michelle Fields Doesn’t Have a Civil Case Against Trump or Lewandowski

Just when I thought the whole Fields vs. Lewandowski thing was over, she pops up in an interview with the Daily Beast.  After rightfully losing her criminal case (which I wrote about here), she’s now threatening a civil suit which she will also lose.

To start off, the grounds for her civil suit is defamation of character.   Her main point of contention is she was called delusional, a serial liar, and a potential assassin.  Her reality is her own actions give credence to all three.

She first announced the assault allegation during a press conference in Florida which Fields herself called.  During this conference, she stated “[Lewandowski] grabbed me tightly… and yanked me down.”  That was a lie.  Corey did not yank her down.

She maintained that lie until the video surfaced proving that Lewandowski did not yank her down.

She’s also claiming that being called delusional is defaming her character.  The definition of delusional is having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions.  Her accusation that Lewandowski “yanked her down” was a false opinion she held and perpetuated through the media.

She also had a false opinion that her former employer, Brietbart, did not “have her back” which she openly stated during an interview with Megyn Kelly. Brietbart knew she didn’t have a case and there was no way they could support her.

The next bone of her contention is she thinks she was accused of being a potential assassin.  Again, that’s false.  The criminal court judge agreed that there was no way for Lewandowski, or any of the security staff for that matter, to know if she meant harm to candidate Trump.  After all, he has been receiving death threats for a number of months now.  Further, he was forced to cancel an event due to the risk protesters posed to Trump supporters.

Now, she can pick apart any argument she would like but her reality is she doesn’t have a civil case and Lewandowski does not owe her an apology.  From a legal perspective, Michelle Fields assaulted Donald Trump when she grabbed Trump’s arm and Corey Lewandowski defended Trump.

If she continues down this path of a civil suit, she’ll lose.  When she loses, Lewandowski will have every legal right to sue Michelle Fields for restitution of the money he shelled out defending himself from her false accusations.  Considering she decided to pull this stunt in the middle of a heated campaign that Lewandowski is managing and her accusation defamed his character, he can also seek out additional monies for damage to his reputation, interference with his job etc. Factor in the media hype she decided to generate to gin up support for her case, and the fact that she’s making the Sunday talk circle to promote herself, restitution to Lewandowski could very easily bankrupt 28-year-old Michelle Fields.

Something that Fields has failed to consider is the simple fact that Lewandowski has not filed a civil suit against her to recover damages from her criminal complaint.  Yes, he has every legal right to do that.  By not doing so at this juncture he has demonstrated a modicum of grace.

If she pursues the civil case and loses, I hope Lewandowski shows mercy and simply asks for his legal fees to be reimbursed, for both the civil and criminal cases, even though he could ask for more and bankrupt the young women.

For now, when asked, the Trump campaign should simply say, “No comment.  As far as we’re concerned, the court has settled the matter.” If she actually files suit, direct the media to Lewandowski’s lawyer and move on with the campaign.



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