Trump’s VP Short List

Donald Trump is making waves surrounding his VP short list and very few names will unify the party.  The following names have been tossed around:

  1. Sarah Palin
  2. John Kasich
  3. Marco Rubio
  4. Chris Christie
  5. Ted Cruz

If Trump wants to win, he needs to winnow this down to the following:

  1. John Kasich
  2. Chris Christie
  3. Find another governor

Trump’s reality is Palin will ensure a loss and there is no amount of messaging the media master can do to help her win over the hearts of the left leaning and moderate voters of all parties.  She didn’t complete her first term as governor and, now that the oil industry has collapsed, Alaska is facing the challenge of running out of money in two years.  Drill baby drill is quickly going bust because of the lack industry diversification  in the state – something Palin herself had full control over for nearly 3 years and did nothing.  Instead, she cut and ran before times got really tough.

Her track record is poor and ceiling is low – both Palin and Trump need to recognize this and move on.

Like Palin, Ted Cruz is too divisive and his ceiling for cross over voters is low.  Further he’s never ran anything other than a campaign, he doesn’t get along with his fellow colleagues, and is a bit behind in the times.  For example, during one of the debates he openly stated that he put an overlay of job creation that correlates with fracking.  Because he doesn’t pay attention to anything outside his own echo chamber, he doesn’t know that the oil industry has laid off thousands, including those who worked in the fracking fields.

Unfortunately for Ted, fracking alone will not bring back tech jobs, customer service jobs, etc.  It simply doesn’t have the multiplier effect the good senator believes it does.

Finally, Cruz is more divisive than Trump.  Two controversial figures will not lead to party unification and will ensure a loss in the general.

Marco Rubio would have been a great pick as president providing he had someone with solid experience governing a state.  Since Trump doesn’t have ‘governing’ experience outside of the corporate world, Rubio is not the best fit for the VP role.

Chris Christie is a solid candidate (providing that whole bridge and budget mess doesn’t pop up).  When he took office in 2010, layoffs were at an all-time high and NJ had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.  Through reform under his leadership, NJ’s unemployment is now down to pre-recessionary lows and he accomplished that while working with a predominately liberal state legislature.  Christie’s biggest issue will be the budget deficit NJ faces.

I think Christie would be better suited as Attorney General.

Kasich has the best track record of all the governors on the rumored short list.  Under his leadership, the unemployment rate dropped and he took the state from being in the hole billions of dollars to a $1b plus surplus to cushion the numerous layoffs that have occurred and have will continue to occur.

The reality is there is only one person on the rumored short list who fits the bill and that person is John Kasich.  In fact, the only governor who had a better record than Kasich was Rick Perry.

If tapped, I hope Kasich can put personalities aside and do what’s right for the country by accepting the VP spot.

Regardless of who the VP pick will be, the next president and vice president will be faced with a downturn in the technology sector that has started to emerge which means increased unemployment.  Combine this with a national debt that is starting to spin out of control, well, they will have their hands full.


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