Donald Trump Has One Choice for Chief of Staff: Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is the only person qualified to be President Elect Donald J. Trump's Chief of Staff.

Kellyanne Conway is the only person qualified to be President Elect Donald J. Trump’s Chief of Staff.


Margaret Thatcher once said, “In politics, if you want something said, ask a man.  If you want something done, ask a woman.”  Donald Trump learned the truth in Lady Thatcher’s statement when he brought Conway into his campaign fold last July.

When Conway joined Team Trump, his campaign was in free-fall and her first order of business was to get beyond the flame throwing rhetoric of Steve Bannon and the motives of the overzealous appeaser Reince Priebus – each man with a strong desire to ‘shape’ Trump’s campaign into something the general population of Republican’s would largely reject, not to mention the general electorate.

Within a month, Conway stopped the free fall with her solid FACT BASED analysis of the general priorities of the people which are:  1) Jobs; 2) National Security.  Conway gave President Elect Trump solid counsel that earned him the top spot 7 months later.

Like Trump’s campaign 7 months ago, there is heated discussion/power struggle/tug of war surrounding the Chief of Staff position.  Bannon’s camp, led by Roger Stone, is pushing for Bannon to be the main go to person for the President-Elect’s ear.  Establishment Republicans (McConnell and Ryan) are pushing for Reince to have the top spot.  Each camp is pushing these two men to satisfy THEIR OWN agendas, not the agendas of the people who put Trump over the top:  1) Jobs; 2) National Security.

Both camps will bring the speculation of a Trump impeachment into fruition.

Both camps are letting their overinflated ego’s take over and trying to sell the people a false narrative that their men landed Trump the win when the opposite is true.  Both Reince and Bannon not only damn near cost President Elect Trump not only the election, but also his brand.

Kellyanne Conway saved both.

Reince is in trouble and the establishment knows this.  When the elections for the new RNC chair comes around, Reince is out.  He alienated the Tea Party faction, Conservative faction, Libertarian faction, and moderate faction of the RNC base.  The only faction he didn’t alienate is the so-called establishment whose candidates got taken out by President Elect Trump in the primaries.  Further, Reince alienated women, LBGTQ, black people white working class, military, etc. to the point where the RNC holds absolutely no value to any of those demographics.

Reince’s time with the RNC is over and Ryan and McConnell know this.  The only reason why Ryan and McConnell are pushing for Reince is they know they can use him to push THEIR agenda, not the agenda of the people.

Bannon is also in trouble in the sense that, after being so close to the ultimate seat of power, his only option is to return to Brietbart.  Further, he lacks the finesse needed for contentious situations as was clearly demonstrated after the primary when then candidate Trump’s campaign went into freefall.

Given the fact that Conway broke a glass ceiling by turning around a campaign in a Bannon/Reince Priebus induced tailspin and subsequently became the FIRST women to win a presidential campaign, the choice for Chief of Staff couldn’t be more clear – It must be Conway.

It’s time for the boys to face the fact that Conway is the only person qualified to fill this spot and ensure the voices of the people, the Bannon camp, and the establishment camps are heard loud and clear.

Conway did a great job as the gatekeeper for the general campaign and will continue to ensure the voices of all Americans are heard by President Elect Trump.

Conway did that – not Reince or Bannon.

Should President Elect Trump do the right thing and select the right person for the job, he will, once again, make history by selecting the first female Chief of Staff.  Unlike his liberal predecessors who awarded appointments based on favors and optics vs. qualifications, Conway has proven herself to be the only person who is actually qualified for the job.

Finally, for those who are speculating that the ‘men’ will reject a woman, think again.  I have yet to meet a male Trump voter who isn’t wondering why Trump isn’t hiring Conway as his Chief of Staff.  Trump men want the best PERSON for the job and they agree that that person is Kellyanne Conway.  They trust her, Kellyanne Conway, not Bannon or Reince.  They recognize that she, Kellyanne Conway, kept their concerns at the forefront of this election cycle. They recoginize that Conway unified the GOP and Conway can help unify the country.

It’s Time to make history again and hire Conway as the Chief of Staff.  It’s the FAIR thing to do.


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