Kellyanne Conway is the Only Person for Trump’s Chief of Staff

Kellyanne Conway is the only person qualified to be President Elect Donald J. Trump's Chief of Staff.

Kellyanne Conway is the only person qualified to be President Elect Donald J. Trump’s Chief of Staff.

I’m running errands and bumped into an associate who asked one simple question, “Why did you start posting on your blog again?”  To which I replied:

“That answer is simple, I stopped posting 6 months ago, 1 month AFTER Kellyanne Conway came on board and started getting things in order.  Before that, the media, and Trump’s ‘advisors’ from Bannon’s camp and Reince’s camp were on a path of Trump destruction.  Good Lord, they were attacking everyone, even people who supported Trump or one of the plethora of Never Trumpers who agreed with the Never Trumpers.

Case in point, Anna Navarro attacked me on Twitter when I tried to get her to pull back and focus on FACT, not personality because her so called arguments were NEVER going to work.  Verbally beating up on someone who actually supported Jeb and Rubio in the beginning was never going to win me over.  In fact, it’s those very same attacks that pushed many never Trumper’s  in Trump’s direction.  They clearly proved they were no better than the Trump supporters who were, and continue to be, on the social media attack.

Nor was pushing the slime ball, Dr. Suess/Ode to Welfare/out of touch Ted Cruz as POTUS.  I have NEVER liked Ted Cruz and ALWAYS considered him a RINO.  I’ll never understand why people fall for his line of crap that his father knows firsthand the horrors of a socialist/communist country by implying the elder Cruz was persecuted by Castro.  The FACT is elder Cruz was a CASTRO SUPPORTER who was imprisoned by the Batista government for his efforts to overthrow the government. Furthermore, the elder Cruz BRIBED officials to get into this country. And I’m supposed to throw my support behind a guy who will soft shoe the fact that his own father enabled the rise of Castro and bribed his way into this country?  It was NEVER going to happen.

Talk about insanity.

Conway came in and graciously ended the nonsense that culminated with the Lewindowski/Fields kerfuffle.  Bringing HER in and escorting HIM (Lewindowski) out was the best thing for the Trump campaign and the RNC.

Now, here we are, the election is over, Trump has won and we have the same two guys (Bannon and Reince) vying for position in Trump’s circle and taking credit for something that Conway accomplished.  OF COURSE I’m going to speak up and put my two cents in.

As a deeply divided nation, we don’t need some fool like Reince or Bannon to further inflame the divisions.  We need someone with a cool head who is willing to speak up and say, “Mr. President, I understand what you’re saying and here are my concerns,” and use the FACTS to back up their position which will calm people down.

The REALITY is for the past 7 months, Conway has proven time and time again that SHE’S the ‘bigger man’ in the room and can keep things on track. Conversely, Reince and Bannon have proven to be incapable of bridging the divide and keeping things on track on their own.  So yes, I’m going to write a post about it and encourage all to support Conway as the Chief of Staff.  She’s earned it.”


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