It’s Time for Evan McMullin to Hang Up His Hat

Evan McMullin attempted what can only be described as a civilized coup of the 2016 Republican presidential race in hopes that he could garner enough votes in a handful of states to shift the vote to the House.  In his mind, and the minds of those who bankroll him, risking the Supreme Court was worth the high likelihood that he would have thrown the race to Hillary Clinton.

After getting his butt handed to him in the general, McMullin, and those who bankroll him, decided that they needed to re-frame the conservative message and create a ‘new conservative movement’ which is basically a re-branding of what had become the ‘old conservative’ movement that cost the GOP two presidential election cycles in a row.  But that wasn’t the true intent of his message.  McMullin’s core message was anyone but Trump and he was willing to risk the Supreme Court.

Like many, I was willing to listen to Evan’s message.  Unlike few, I had the opportunity to hear him speak.  Like those around me at that speech, I was bewildered with what he was saying.  It had nothing to do with conservatism nor was it Reaganesque.  He didn’t touch upon what are the top concerns for me, or those around me.  The sole message was nothing more than superficial jabs at Trump.

Once his speech was over, we all looked at each other and simultaneously said, “That is not was I was expecting nor did it hit upon the issues I’m concerned about. I’m completely disappointed.”  We then looked at each other in awkward silence.

To break the awkward silence after, I simply stated, “Risking the Supreme Court for this guy is not worth it.  Contrary to what he says, he can’t garner the support that he’ll need on election day to send it to the House.  If he did manage to peel away enough votes, he couldn’t make it through the house.  My country is divided enough; we don’t need that additional layer of drama.  I’m out.”

Those around me all took a deep breath as one person said, “I’m glad someone said that out loud.”  They left and I hung back to observe.  We were all complete strangers.

After the election, I hoped that would be the last I’d hear of him but knew it wouldn’t be.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed an uptick in non-Trump supporters leaving the McMullin fold.  Especially Rubio and Sasse supporters.  As they leave, they clearly state that the ongoing negativity and one-sidedness of McMullin’s on-line comments are the core reason.  They all feel betrayed and now feel they threw away their votes on him.  In return, McMullin’s online team started attacking their once core base.

Watching this play out on my feeds, I popped over to McMullin’s feed this morning to find out what was going on.  It was quite illuminating.

First of all, McMullin still doesn’t have a message other than he hates Trump. That’s the new conservative movement?

Secondly, he’s trying to conjure images of Reagan by posting pictures of himself and his kids at the Reagan library with a tag line of, “It’s never too early for a day of indoctrination with the Gipper.”  Indoctrination was the best word the guy trying to conjure up Nazi Germany in his comments about Trump could come up with?  Really?

Third, Reagan believed in the people and was about the people.  He was about creating an economic environment that lifted all.  Not some bastardized ‘free market’ philosophy with an inherent message that it’s ok to deflate your wages by shipping jobs overseas, increased influx of cheap labor whom American’s are forced to train before getting their pink slip, and outsourcing in the name of the free market that has only placed our cyber, and national security, at risk.

Yes, we’ve put our cyber security at risk. Look at the sheer volume of hacks and the lack of prosecution in said hacks.  Namely, the Russians who hacked Yahoo.  If you dig deeper I suspect that you may very well discover that they were the ‘former employees’ Marissa Mayer first blamed when the hack happened.

Fourth, McMullin and team are hell bent on finding a Russian connection to Trump but have ignored the blatant facts that Hillary’s camp had more ties, and much deeper ties, to Russia through the Clinton Foundation.  A truly independent investigation would look at both camps, not just Trump.

Fifth, Russia has always tried propaganda to influence Americans during election cycles.  Strong candidates always rise above it, not complain about it and use it as an excuse for their failures and ineptitude.

Basically, McMullin does not have a clear vision of what this “new conservative movement” will look like.  Instead, it’s a perpetuation of the same old conservative movement that offers zero solutions, only complaints.  In absence of solutions, they’ve resorted to bashing anyone who has the audacity to ask, “What exactly do you stand for again? What are your solutions again?” This includes the Sasse and Rubio supporters who actually voted for him.

My suggestion for McMullin’s team is to take a step back and figure out what this ‘new conservative movement’ looks like and what solutions they have to offer other than Trump sucks.  If you’re incapable of doing this, then I’d say you don’t have a movement, nor do you have a cause.  Because you lack both, you don’t have a compelling case for the voters.

BTW, someone may want to ‘advise’ McMullin that two churches in Egypt were hit by terrorists this Palm Sunday.  As I’m writing this, there is zero mention of it on McMullin’s Twitter feed, FaceBook page, or social media outlets.

Like I said, the guy lacks vision.  Without said vision, there is no “Future to believe in.”




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