Men Who Voted Against Hillary Clinton Voted for Karen Handel – No Cheating Necessary

In a surprise upset in the Georgia special election primary to fill the seat vacated by Congressman Tom Price when he accepted the Secretary of Health position, Karen Handel won the GOP nominee hands down.  Her competition was stiff, including Judson Hill (backed by Marco Rubio and Newt Gingrich) along with Tea Party activist Amy Kremer (who had issues with fundraising early on, even though she was backed by conservative mega-star Sean Hannity).

How did Karen Handel do this?

The answer is quite simple, she focused on Georgians.  She agreed to disagree on some things and kept pressing forward with a solutions based campaign.  Not only did she run a solutions based campaign, she used her accomplishments to back herself up.

Leaning in was not necessary for Karen Handler.

Unlike her Democrat opponent, she doesn’t need star power to validate her accomplishments nor does she need to follow the narratives of the day.  Her record is clear and she’s truly a person of the people in Georgia and for the people of Georgia.

Ladies (and gentlemen), don’t let her opponent fool you.  Women like Handel are a threat to liberals like Ossoff because they’re independent thinkers who don’t lean in or require star power backing.  If she agrees, she’ll align.  If she disagrees, she’ll speak out.

And if you doubt about her ability to win over democrats, check out the endorsement she received during the primary:

Handel Endorsement

She won by earning the respect of men and women in GA06.  No cheating necessary.

In summary, Georgia has their very own Nikki Haley and it is time to rally around Karen Handel to turn out the vote in June!


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