Kathy Griffin Has Turned Into The Mean Girl She Detested As A Kid

Kathy Griffin is a mediocre comic, at best, who rose to fame on her D-List status and claims to use “shock” comedy to make her political statements.  A few days ago, she released a video that included a bloodied head of President Donald Trump.  Why she would give ISIS, and other enemies known for beheadings, yet another tool for their propaganda and justification for targeting our troops currently fighting them, is beyond me.

But she did.

The backlash Griffin faced was instant, and, it was not until people started contacting her sponsors, venues, etc. that she issued an apology.  Her performance training at the groundlings taught her that she needed a ‘naked’ apology so, when she filmed her apology video, she did so sans make-up, hair etc.  She also included eye-rolls and a dismissive attitude that further infuriated our troops, Trump supporters, and quite a few never Trumpers.

Believe me, getting never Trumpers riled up about something that slammed Trump is no easy feat.  Yet, she managed to do it.

To compound the matter, the President’s son, Barron, who is only 11 years old, saw the life-like beheaded image and was seriously distressed that someone had beheaded his dad.  To make it worse, LIBERALS, started making jokes about Barron’s distress.  Barron is only 11!

To add insult to injury, her attorney, Lisa Bloom, tried to blame First Lady Melania Trump for not censoring her child from the news.  Really?

In an effort to dismiss it, her supporters rallied to her side and started attacking an 11-year-old kid who happens to be the President’s son.  For those Republicans who remained neutral, that was the last straw and they joined the chorus of voices asking Griffin’s sponsors to drop Kathy Griffin.

Griffin continued to play victim, citing the first amendment, etc.  She even went so far as to justify her attacks on children as part of her ‘art’ and was done so only during her ‘comedic’ routines.  Unfortunately, she forgot about her interview (not stand-up routine) where she openly stated that going after Barron Trump was her ‘edge’.

That’s right, she feels victimizing children via comedic bullying gives her an ‘edge’.

Keep in mind, when Bill Clinton entered office, Chelsea Clinton was only 13. At the time, there were a few on the right who tried to make her a target.  Both the left and the right took a stand and said, “Kids are off limits. Put politics aside and let them be kids.”

I was one of those Republicans.

When GW Bush was elected, his daughters were wrapping up their first year in college.  Some on the left tried to make them a target and both the right and the left said, “Leave them alone and let them be college kids.”

I had many friends who were among those Democrats.

When Obama was elected, some on the right tried to make Sasha and Melia targets.  The Bush twins spent time with them to help with the transition and many on the right said, “Leave them alone and let them be kids.”

I was one of those Republicans.

Now that Obama’s out of office with one child in college and another wrapping up high school, I remain one of those Republicans who say, “Let them be kids and college students,” and will continue to push back on any Republican I see attacking Sasha and Melia. Believe me, I’ve literally been in people’s faces getting them to step off Obama’s children while they are in school.

With that said, things had started to settle down on the Kathy Griffin drama.  Sean Hannity, who has never called for boycotts, etc., was appealing to his viewers to not boycott, etc. Instead, tune her out, off, and don’t go to her shows.

But, Republicans have had enough.

Yes, venues were cancelled while others were getting filled for later this year.  Then she announced a press conference and subsequently lost the remaining sponsorship support that remained.

The press conference was not about her apology, remorse, or anything else.  It was all about her and how she was a victim in the entire ordeal.  She then went on to try to portray herself as the defender of those who are bullied because she was bullied throughout her life.

As a person who was bullied as a child and in my adult life, being the victim of a bully is no excuse for her abhorrent behavior which she hides behind in the name of ‘art’.

From there she went into the ‘sexist old white man’ drivel and how, at the age of 56, she’s always supported her fellow women and those who have been bullied, along with her perceived comedian’s duty to make jokes, including jokes about a blue dress during the Clinton years.

Yes, the great ‘defender of women’ brought up Monica Lewinski and openly acknowledged that she attacked the then young intern when her affair with Bill Clinton came to light.  The same young women who was driven to near suicide by the constant attacks by the right, and liberal women like Kathy Griffin who thought it was funny to joke about a victim of a man who used his ‘male privilege’ to seduce a young woman while he was President of the United States.

The abhorrent treatment towards Monica Lewinski by so called defender of women’s rights, like Kathy Griffin, is why I was never, ever, going to vote for Hillary Clinton.  That blatant hypocrisy is also why I have never voted for a feminist boomer.

Any sympathy I may have had quickly evaporated when she started complaining about the ‘mob’ mentality of Trump supporters who were out to get her.  They are out to destroy her, in her mind.  Then she tried to pin the blame on President Trump as the master mind of it all.

He isn’t.

When she complained about being a woman in a male dominated industry, I was done.

To level set reality for the extremely misguided Griffin, and her ilk, I’m also a woman in the male dominated tech industry which is predominately ran by DEMOCRATS, just like the entertainment industry she works in.  To compound that challenge, I lean Republican.

I have been openly harassed for being a woman, hit on, persecuted for my faith, you name it.  When I tried to get support from like Kathy Griffin, they thought it was funny that the Republican was getting harassed.  When the same women in the work place who thought it was funny for me to be harassed came to me for help with their own harassment claims, I gave them the same advice they gave me – go to HR and good luck with it. You invalidated my complaint so yours won’t have much merit.

Trust me, mine were far worse than someone saying, “Grab them by the pussy.”

Women who supported me, I supported them through their trials. When I saw true harassment, I have always stepped up.  When I saw my support wasn’t welcome, I stepped back.  I won’t fight their battles for them.

And, for the record, the men who harassed me in the tech industry were not predominately white.  Like the entertainment industry, it’s a diversified industry and they had numerous skin tones and religious backgrounds.  Spare me the ‘old white man’ shtick because I know it’s a load of crap.

Because boomer feminists like Griffin didn’t finish their job, I single handedly ran a one-woman campaign to eliminate mandatory uniforms for women in one work environment.  The Bill Clinton feminist who constantly slammed Monica Lewinski tried to get me to stop. Apparently, she had an affinity for poorly constructed, double knit polyester suits. I didn’t and ended the policy.  I also got rid of mandatory ties for the men.  Given the office environment, roles, and industry, both were stupid policies.

As for the mob mentality she claims.  I wonder if Kathy Griffin has ever thought about looking at how her side behaves to see how feminists like her treat Trump supporters, and never Trumpers?  It’s a mob and they do gang up on conservatives and Republicans. But they’re Republicans so, to people like Kathy Griffin, it’s ‘entertainment’, right?  Just like the hell she and her feminist ilk put Monica Lewinski through was entertainment, right?

WRONG!  There is nothing entertaining about driving a young awestruck women being driven to near suicide.

Griffin also complained that she lost business because of the complaints to her sponsors.  How is this any different than the campaign her side has ran against Sean Hannity or other conservatives to get them to lose their jobs?

Further, she stated that she always supports women, regardless.  Really?  Is what conservatives doing any different than  the ‘grab your wallet’ campaign Griffin and her ilk ran against Ivanka Trump’s business?

That wasn’t very supportive of their fellow woman, now was it?

Griffin has also received death threats.  You know what?  So has Barron Trump, though his parents don’t let him know that.  President Trump’s adult children, and his grandchildren, received secret service protection early on due to the sheer volume of death threats they received during the primaries.

So, it’s not OK for liberals like yourself to receive death threats, but it is OK for the Trump children and grandchildren to receive death threats from liberals during the primary and today?  Apparently, in Griffin’s mind, those death threats are different and bizarrely justified because it’s Trump and his children.

Those death threats have only grown worse, by the way.

She’s also acting shocked and amazed that she’s been ‘banned’ by venues, etc.  Why?  This isn’t the first time she’s been banned.  Nor is CNN’s termination of you the first time she has been fired from a gig.  So, let’s review THOSE interesting inconvenient truths that Griffin loves to leave out.

She was banned from The View, not once, but twice.  When she appeared on the Ellen show, she was censored from trashing celebrities by the producers of the show.  She was banned from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the Apollo Theater.  It takes a lot to get banned from the Apollo and somehow she managed to do it.

All of this she has openly admitted in the past, with great pride and admiration for herself.

Apparently, she also forgot that she was fired from Hannah Montana then openly joked about it with a joke that referenced the then 14-year-old Miley Cyrus running around topless.  Griffin was also fired from E!’s red-carpet after she made a joke about then 11-year-old Dakota Fanning going to rehab.

Again, she openly admitted these events and took great pride that she was picking on CHILDREN!

What is more astounding about Kathy Griffin is her affinity to slam Republican men while idolizing and defending liberals like Howard Stern who is one of the most demeaning individuals toward women on air today.

For decades I’ve been telling Republican women and men that I understand there are times where they need to take the high ground.  At the same time, they need to stop rolling over, playing dead, and being the fall guys for attacks from the left.  The calls to cancel your shows clearly demonstrates that conservatives are no longer willing to play stooges to liberal’s repugnant behaviors.

At no point in time was the President ‘out to get’ Kathy Griffin or ‘destroy’ her.  In fact, based on her history of picking on children, women who don’t agree with her, assailing Republican men and women, getting banned from several shows, terminations, etc., it’s fair to say that it’s her own self-destructive behavior that brought her to this point.

I reiterate, Trump isn’t behind any of this.  Republicans have finally had enough and are fighting back with the same tools liberals like Kathy Griffin have been using against them for decades.  Liberals like Kathy Griffin aren’t used to getting push back of this magnitude from Republicans.  They’re only used to giving it.

As someone who has been bullied, including as a child, I’m floored that someone who was also bullied as a child would actually pick on kids and hide their horrible behaviors by calling it art.  At the age of 56, Kathy Griffin has proven that she grew up to become the bully she so detested as a child.

Hopefully, she will change her playmates, therapists, etc., and finally heal from her pain, come to terms with her inner bully, and stop picking on kids.

She may also want to come to terms with the simple fact that those ‘old white men’ she’s gone against her entire career are, most likely, members of her own party – Democrats.  LIBERAL old white men, and women, are also the same people who gave her the piss poor advise to hold that press conference which officially ended any, and all, sympathies toward her that remained.

When Griffin is ready to come to terms with her own pattern of self-destruction and is ready to really take on LIBERAL WHITE CHAUVINISTS, here’s a tip on how she can combat them.


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