#Me Too – And the Silencing Begins

Since the 2008 election, one of the most frustratingly infuriating things about the GOP is how they continually took the bait on sexual assault and gender based discrimination.  From Mitt Romney’s ‘Binders’ gaff to that idiot in Missouri’s ‘legitimate rape’ comments, I have been continually amazed with the GOP’s inability to respond to sexual assault and discrimination in the work place.  Especially when the left used it as a tool of deflection as their own high-powered donors, movers, and shakers were constantly getting nailed.

When Harvey Weinstein’s alleged bad behaviors came to light (too many to count) I didn’t think it would pick up steam so quickly.  Nor did I expect so many from the left to be exposed, especially the self-proclaimed ‘male feminists’ from extremely liberal sites like Vice.

The left started down their standard, “Look at Bill O’Reily” path and the right started to react to it.  Like so many times during the past 8 years, I thought the left would follow their pattern, “I’m a sick person. I need help.  I’m going off to get treatment, I’ll be better, I promise.” and Harvey would come back, heralded as a ‘changed man’, the right would continue to stutter and stammer, and not a damn thing would have changed.

Then came Kevin Spacey, Mark Helperin, Dustin Hoffman, and CK Lewis.  I began to wonder when it would stop.  Have liberal women really had enough of this abuse from their own ranks?  Were they ready to work with other women, regardless of political affiliation, to take a collective stand against this?  Or, have they simply not ran into the ‘untouchable’ one?

I had my doubts, so I waited as liberal feminist after liberal feminist reached out to republican men to get the men to decry the behaviors.  Mind you, they didn’t reach out to Republican women – in their minds, we don’t count.

I jumped in on one thread to gauge the sincerity of one such exchange.  As I suspected, the liberal feminist had zero interest in letting a republican woman into the conversation and dropped me from the thread. The republican man knows the woman and based on his experience was she was normally open to such conversations, with him. I know neither, and, based on my experience, liberal women have never been open to conversations about rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment with republican women – those days ended with the campaign run, and win, of Bill Clinton.

Then, of course, the ‘fear of coming forward’ statement came out.  That’s when I stood up for myself and said, #MeToo then point blank said we went through the same thing in the 90’s and all the so-called women’s groups, like NOW, were of no help to women who were targeted in the workplace.

Here we are, a few weeks after the ‘scandal’ hit, and the deplorable behaviors the left has been running from, and covering up, for decades continues to grow:

  • Over 24 people in Hollywood are being looked at for rape and sexual assault;
  • To cover his tracks, Harvey Weinstein allegedly drew up a hitlist of nearly 100 people to target and intimidate into silence;
  • Ryan Seacrest is pushing back on ‘reckless misconduct’ allegations;
  • Mad Man creator Matthew Wiener is pushing back against sexual harassment charges;
  • A member of NPR’s editorial staff, whose salaries are subsidized by the American tax payer, has been hit with sexual assault allegations;
  • Mother Jones’ own David Corn has been, and is, under the microscope for ‘workplace misconduct’;
  • A former female fellow of the Black Congressional Caucus was blackballed because she was going to be a “good girl” while working on Capitol Hill and wouldn’t sacrifice herself, or her body, to advance her career;
  • Lena Dunahm’s own writer has been accused of sexual misconduct – and she initially defended him, then walked it back under public pressure;
  • The ‘untouchable’ has been found and their names appear to be Senator Al Franken and Representative John Conyers;
  • The rape victim who brought forward a bill to help train first responders of rape victims now wants Al Franken’s name off of her bill;
  • Franken has apologized and no one is buying it;
  • And, Nancy Pelosi came out in defense of Representative Conyers – even though the women in the press corps has been talking about it for years.
  • Then Nancy Pelosi decided her defense wasn’t a good idea and is now asking the ‘icon’ to resign, which he has finally announced and framed it as ‘retirement’.
  • I’ve lost count.

As the list of allegations against prominent democrats continues to grow, female democrats in Congress are starting to ramp up the, “We have to be the voice for the voiceless,” platitude that they’ve hiding behind for decades as the alleged Weinstein’s and alleged Spacey’s of their party continued to abuse, assault, and rape women, and men, with absolute impunity.  Instead of advocating for women, like the young women on the hill I mentioned above, those same liberal women continually shut down their voices, and their careers, while the problem in the DNC’s own ranks continued to build.

And, as they continue to shut down the voices, those same women are once again advocating for ‘training’.  The same training that has been in place around the country since the 90’s when the Bill Clinton intern scandal broke loose.  Then it was called, ‘sensitivity’ training, and the end result has been the complete opposite of sensitive in many cases.

Pelosi’s media tour in defense of “icon” Conyers was meant to send a very strong signal it’s time for the women to stop.  Al Franken’s apology tour is a clear signal that the left firmly has his back.  Any complaints that come forward from here on out will be met with deaf ears and lost careers.

These are the men and women feminists have given their ‘voices’ to.  These same men and women have been covering up the truly horrid behaviors inflicted upon women in the hallowed halls of Congress.  What the feminists failed to notice was the pattern when one of their own is in hot water. First, find a republican to deflect attention to.  If that doesn’t work, the man profusely apologizes.  They’re “sorry” and will “try to do better” because they’re embarrassed.  The worse offenses go to ‘treatment’ so they can emerge ‘a changed man’.

When that doesn’t work and they’re called out for the sheer hypocrisy of the left, all of a sudden all of the people should resign, with exceptions like Al Franken, of course.

This crescendo builds until it reaches the apex with another high profile firing (Matt Lauer) then a female feminist comes forward and defends the alleged predator and the litany of ‘pro-woman’ legislation the guy worked on, or how supportive of women’s causes they’ve been. The guy is a “god” or “icon” and every single women is heartbroken for the alleged perpetrator and the victim.  A big deal is made (all women this week on The Today Show, Conyers ‘retirement’) and it all starts to settle down – but not before the last Hollywood volley is launched.

In what can only be described as a wait for it moment, the New York Times just released a report on how CAA (Creative Artists Agency) was an agency complacent in the cover-up.  Please note, not a single mention about William Morris which is ran by Ari Emanuel (Rahm’s brother), which, like CAA has been long rumored to engage in their own cover-ups.

Legislation will be passed, company handbooks will be updated, but not a damn thing will change.  All of the women who were encouraged to speak publicly will once again find themselves in no women-land- shamed, ridiculed, and black balled for having the audacity to speak their truth.  As the diminuendo begins to the inevitable silence, the narrative shifts back to the fictitious Republican War on Women.

Some may call me jaded, pessimistic, and it could be farther from the truth.  You see, we’ve been through this before and I know oh to well how the ‘game’ works as this happened to me in the 1990’s and started back up after Obama was elected.  Each authority figure voted dem and continues to do so today, HR was the wing men and wing woman, and NOW turned their back because I was pro-life.

Yes, I completely empathize with the women who have come forward. I also know that we’ve been through this before and it happened to me so I take a more pragmatic view.




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