Trump’s VP Short List

Donald Trump’s VP short list needs to get a lot shorter.

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Trump vs. Cruz: Looking at the GOP Delegate Math

Rubio dropped and Trump’s numbers went up, to the dismay of the ‘experts’. Let’s face it, those ‘experts’ haven’t been in the trenches for years (if ever) they simply assumed that Rubio supporters would glide toward Cruz. Instead, Trump picked up a few more votes and they’re scratching their heads (and other areas of their bodies) wondering what happened and how will this impact the convention.

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Trump Supporters: Don’t Turn into Punk- Ass Thugs

At the moment, Trump has been the loudest complainer about the convention and suggested that his supporters would “riot” if he’s not selected as the candidate representing the GOP. This suggestion comes on the heels of yet another disjointed word salad of a speech by Sarah Palin who called those protesting Trump “punk-ass thugs.” Let’s chew on this for a minute…

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